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System Statistics
Active Members225
Active Sites608

Member Site Statistics
Currently Displaying0
Displayed Today2087
Last 7 Days10376

Top 10 Surfers
Sade D225241
Randy Ottmann170969
Ricky Taylor58488
Theresa Bracko20814
Albert Fuerderer19529
Bernard Hopp11690

Top 10 Auto Surfers
Sade D225227
Randy Ottmann170968
Ricky Taylor58488
Theresa Bracko20814
Albert Fuerderer19478
Bernard Hopp11637

Top 10 Manual Surfers
Free Ads Listing300
Adam Cuthbertson148
Jim Reyna95
Bernard Hopp53
Albert Fuerderer51
Patricia Sayen15
Sade D14

Top 5 Referrers
Robert Norton14
New Ads8
AWP Network6
AWP Network5

Site News
  • Try our Jackpot Game now Enabled!
  • Check your sites before submitting them! Read our Rules!
  • Refer others and earn up to 1000 auto credits when their activated.
  • Progressive surf is on for upgraded members.

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