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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I earn credits or cash?
You earn credits or cash (if enabled) by Auto Surfing or Manual Surfing, visiting Paid To Click Ads, referring others to the site with your Referral URL, or playing the Jackpot Slots. Random rewards are also given each day when you login to your Member Area.

Where are all my Credits that I earned from surfing?
Credits earned from surfing are automatically assigned to your sites.

How do I refer others?
Login to your Member Area and click Referral Banners to get your banners, splash pages and referral URL to promote this site. New members that join our system using your referral url will be added to your downline and you will earn credits and cash from their activities.

How do I upgrade my account?
Can I use my surfing URL to earn credits? NO. You can only advertise the banners and splash pages we provide and the referral URL. user #) to be used for advertisement.

How do I buy banner, text, or ptc ads?
Ads can be purchased when you have earned enough credits to purchase them. To purchase ads using cash, you will need to deposit some cash into your Account Cash using the Deposit Account Cash link. Cash that is in your Account Cash can be used to purchase anything on our system.

Can I sell the credits I have earned?
No, credits cannot be sold back to the system at this time.

Can I transfer my auto credits to manual credits?
Yes, credits can be transferred over to other account types using the Transfer Credits link in your Member Area. When transferring these credits you will get 1 manual credit for every 4 auto credits, it is not a 1:1 transfer, manual credits are worth alot more!

How do I know what has been earned from referrals?
You can see what has been earned from each level of referrals by looking at the Referral Statistics. To see what has been earned from each person you referred click on the different Level links.

Why does my site not show up in rotation?
The system will not show members their own sites since that would be wasting their credits. When you add a new site, you must allocate credits to it, and then wait for the admin to approve your site. If you want your site shown to both auto and manual surfers, you must allocate both types of credits to each site.

Why is my site On Hold?
If your site is placed on hold that means there was a problem with your site when the admin checked it. This may include errors with the site, or site not found. Sites that are placed on hold will usually be checked again later to see if the problem is still there.

Why has my site been suspended?
If your site has been suspended it is because the site was found to be in violation of our terms. Having iFrames, javascript errors, being a framebreaker site, or anything else that stops the normal operation of our system. Adult Sites, Hate Sites, Warez Sites, Banner farms, Gambling, Sites with frame breaker codes, Shortened urls or Redirects are NOT accepted!
Slow loading sites as well as sites with sound/video will not be accepted!
Rotators only accepted from our other sites or upgraded members!
Sites with excessive graphics/scripts slow down the surf and a waste of bandwidth, they will NOT be accepted here! Sites may have only 1 small site related popup!
Please read the terms for more details.
Sites that get suspended are normally deleted from the system after a few days. This gives you time to remove any credits that may be assigned to them. Serious or repeat site offenders may be deleted immediately along with their member account. This is a family oriented site!
We have the right to refuse any site we feel is not acceptable here!

Can I have two or more accounts?
NO,, you can only have one account at any one time. If you attempt to cheat our system then ALL your accounts WILL be deleted, without notice. Furthermore, any email address you have used wil be blocked in addition to any url you may have advertised. This is a free system and as such, I, as admin have endeavored to ensure that those who use the system properly will receive traffic at a minimum ratio of 1:1.

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