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Texas Jim Reyna's Hits Evolution

When you UPGRADE TO EXECUTIVE, you get 5000 Auto and 5000 Manual Credits each month!
The Executive Upgrade is only $10.00 For a Lifetime Account!

So Many Great Ways To Earn Credits

  • Auto Surf or Manual Surf, your choice.
  • Signup bonus (you will have to surf 50 Auto and Manual sites to earn them).
  • Random Surfbar bonuses (you need to click them to earn them).
  • Earn when your referrals surf.
  • Play online games.
  • Random Prize Pages (click to win).
  • Progressive surf ratios for Executive Members, surf today and benefit tomorrow.


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Due to circumstances beyond my control, was offline for quite a while. I've had to start from scratch again. Please Join Now and benefit from quality advertising!

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