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All Sites need to be at least 50% English!

We will NOT accept any sites with auto starting Sound or Video.

NO PTP sites, iFrames, Redirects, Adult, Gambling, Warez or anything not family oriented. No Banner farms, sites with excessive ads/scripts not allowed!
We reserve the right to refuse any site we see as inappropriate for our site! We scan sites with Site-Scanner!

Masked URL

Masked URLs such as, and others will not be allowed in any format. Please use the correct URL.


Featured Ads, Text Ads & Surfbar Ads

Featured Sponsor Ads will only be shown in the main page Featured Sponsor box and may include text, html or images (no wider than 125 pixels).

Surf Bar (1 Line) Ads will only be shown in the Surf Bars, the Ad Text boxes should not be used and anything entered there will be ignored.

Normal Text Ads are shown as search engine style ads. Text Ads should not contain any HTML or email addresses and and be limited to 120 characters for proper formatting. Ad titles should not contain URL links


Due to frame breaking and pop-up problems, and to keep the traffic flowing, blogspot sites are not accepted.

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You will always earn more credits by manually surfing. As a free member, earn 1.5 credits for each site you manually surf.

Progressive surf is on for upgraded members.

Your banner could be here for only $7 per month.

Simply deposit $7 into your account and contact us with details.

Please ensure that your sites have assigned credits. If not, they will not be seen.

You may not have the time it takes to surf, to this end, we offer the opportunity to purchase credits which can be assigned to your sites, allowing you to carry on with your busy work life in the knowledge that your sites are seen in rotation and on the network.

You can purchase credits and more directly from your members' area.

Thank you.

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