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The following are not allowed on our system.

Rotators are only allowed for upgraded members, these still have to be approved by the admin!

NO Blogspot sites

NO Popups Or Popunders
NO Blogspot.
NO Adult Or Illegal Content
No Rotators
No Auto-Responders.
NO Flying Ads (including exit Support windows)
No Bidvertiser ads (They break frames)
NO Frame Breakers
NO Phishing Sites
No iFrames
NO Forwarding or Re-Direction
NO Viruses Or Download Prompts
NO Masked URLs (example:,,, etc...)
You will only be wasting your time by submitting the above, they will not be allowed in any form. Also sites with autoplaying sound/video are not acceptable because this site is part of a network of sites!

Please do not submit any sites that employ any of the above features.

Email addresses auto-responding to system messages will be deleted and banned.

Due to pop-up and frame breaking problems, we do not accept Blogspot sites.

Any blogspot sites submitted will not even be tested. They will be deleted automatically.

Please do not use yahoo email to sign-up

If your email address bounces, your account will be deleted, if you have autoresponders sending us emails your account will be terminated as well.

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Your site must not have any type of pop-up windows, break out of frames, use any type of forwarding or redirection, force downloads of malicious code, or change any browser settings! Sites submitted that violate our terms will be immediately deleted without any further notice. Please review our Terms and Conditions before submitting any new sites for approval.
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